RadHaus LLC


RadHaus LLC is all about technology. We’ve been consulting in marketing and media for over twenty years, providing technical solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Whether it’s solutions architecture, or audio/video broadcast and production, we’ve got you covered.


What People Say


… serious dedicated Web professional[s] with a broad working knowledge of content management systems, numerous Web markup and scripting languages, and great ability to get a Web site up and then to keep it running. I’ve seen [them] fend off Roumanian hackers, fight API and package problems, create and improve excellent Web designs, and implement complex custom functionality quickly, accurately, and professionally.

Ed Tittel


We were astounded at the excellent quality of RadHaus.Studio’s work on our live-stream show. 3 stationary cameras, one roving camera, beautiful lights, completely professional sound on voices and piano. We had an internet audience of over 7,000 people and there were so many compliments in the conversation about the camera work, with everyone asking us “Wow! What kind of cameras were those? What kind of mics? That was amazing!” They also took care of all the internet work so we didn’t have to think about it. What a professional company. A+++

Sandy and Richard Riccardi